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About this Site (why it's here)

My name is Joel Klampert. I am the worship leader/music director at St. Michael's Church in Middletown, RI. It is a CEC church. (see ICCEC) I believe in a blending of modern worship styles along with historic and liturgical worship.

There are a ton of resources on the net for worship leaders and music ministers, but not many places where it is compiled. And you really have to research the net to find a place to ask questions or contribute ideas.

This is why I started this site. On the blog I am compiling every resource I can find to equip the modern worshiping church and listing what I do also. I am also trying to unify the CEC as a whole through it's worship so the church could have a more united front in this area.

If you are not in the CEC this site will become a valuable tool for your ministry and hopefully challenge the way you look at worship. If you are in the CEC the site will offer a place where you can comment and get involved with a new movement of unity. Also the resources page will give you many tools to use in your church along with the new logo.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. NON NOBIS DOMINE (not to us oh Lord)

In Christ,

Joel Klampert

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